The GiveAway Bandit reviewed Bake Pops! The Bandit even showed us how he made his own set of cake pops using the Bake Pop pan.  See the video and read the review on!

Cinco de Mayo is this Saturday! Make a delicious treat that everyone can enjoy – Bake Pops! Check out these awesome margarita pops that will get the party started!

With Earth Day on Sunday, it should be a reminder to us all to make any little effort to help the environment.  Cake Pops are the most popular dessert treat right now, and they also help to go green.  With Cake Pops, you don’t need extra plates, utensils or even napkins.  It is a great way to cut down on how much paper and plastic we use at parties.

The Bake Pop kit is the easiest way to make Cake Pops.  The kit comes complete with reusable sticks that you can use over and over again whenever you make your own cake pops.  How’s that for going green! Help the environment in a delicious way and get Bake Pop today!

Real Moms Guide online reviewed the Bake Pop pan in their post “Parenting Preschoolers: Baking With Kids.”   They say that Bake Pops are the perfect sized treat and a fun baking project with kids.  Read the rest of the Bake Pop review on their website here:

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