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Books R Us blog reviewed the Bake Pop pan, recommending it as something fun and different for parties, or just a family snack.  Check out the whole review here on their post here:

Crazy and Cool with a Side of Crafty blog reviewed the Bake Pop pan and recommends it as being a fun and easy way to make cake pops!  See the whole review on the site here:

Our Kids Mom Blog has tested the Bake Pop pan and is doing a giveaway!  Click here to see the whole review and enter for your chance to win a free Bake Pop pan!

Jeff Jumper of NBC 12 Alabama puts the Bake Pop cake pan set to the test. via Bake Pop: “Does it Work?”. did a feature on Infomercial products that can help you eat right.  They featured Bake Pops, saying that you can use the pans to make a healthier baked dessert, using homemade cake recipes that needs less sugar than store bought varieties.  Check out the whole article on!